Full Moon Farm

Winter Shares

What is a wintershare and why should I purchase one? A wintershare is a share of the harvest from our farm, distributed to you over the fall and winter months. Many of the crops are crops that we have already harvested and processed for long-term storage. Some are still in the field (broccoli, kale, collards, leeks, spinach and brussel sprouts,) getting sweeter and sweeter while they wait for us to harvest them. And other more sensitive crops (fresh greens, chard and spinach,) are grown in protective high tunnels for long-term harvest. If you like good tasting, fresh, local food and a really good deal, you should purchase one. At this point in time we already know how most of our crops fared or are faring..... and this year was a bumper year in many areas. Last year, members had received their money's worth by Dec, yet they still got more food until March! WARNING! You must cook or at least be open to the idea of it. If you don't cook, juice or love raw vegetables, this share is not for you. But if you love to feed your family and friends steaming hot dishes of deliciousness, then a wintershare is right for you.

In the winter of 2016-2017 Full Moon Farm will be offering winter shares at two different locations. We will also be offering a new way of experiencing the winter share at the Burlington Winter Farmers' Market. Pick-ups will be approximately bi-weekly from the end of October through the middle of December, and then once/month for January, February and March.

All winter share pick-ups are from 3:30PM -6:00PM. Pick-up dates are as follows:

Temple Sinai (Swift and Dorset)in S. Burlington: Tuesdays Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 15, Nov 29, Dec 13, Jan 17, Feb 14, and March 14. At Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg, pick ups will be on Wednesdays Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec 14, Jan 18, Feb 15, March 15. There will no longer be a pick-up at Ohavi Zedek Synagogue on N. Prospect St in Burlington. Instead we will be offering a new way of experiencing our CSA at Burlington's Winter Farmers'Market at UVM's Davis Center on Nov. 12th, Nov. 19th, Dec. 3rd, Dec. 10th, Dec. 17th, Jan. 14th, Jan. 28th, Feb. 11th, Feb. 25th, Mar. 11th, Mar. 25th, and April 8th

The winter share differs from the summer share in produce in that it primarily consists of root crops. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, winter squashes, onions, garlic, celeriac, kohlrabi and radishes are offered as well as leeks, spinach, lettuce mix, spicy mix, arugula, broccoli, cabbages, brussel sprouts, broccoli leaf, collards and kales for as long as we can produce them.

The wintershare also differs from the summer share in that our pick-ups are less frequent and they are indoors! We're tough but the vegetables are not. We cannot risk them freezing so we go inside for the whole season. As always, we are there at pick-ups to chat, listen, offer ideas and take suggestions.

The regular vegetable share is spread out over 22 weeks and costs $375, or $17.04 per week. Members generally receive about 20% more food than they pay for. Full Moon Farm also offers organic pork and poultry shares which can be purchased separately. In addition to our regular CSA options, this year Full Moon Farm will be offering two new ways to experience our winter CSA. Instead of purchasing a regular CSA at one of our locations, folks can still be a member of our farm by purchasing one of our two Winter MArket Discount cards. The first option is a vegetable Discount Card. For $375, one is able to purchase $412.50 (a 10% savings)worth of vegetables at our winter market stand. Or, if you eat our certified organic pork and chicken, you can buy our Free-Range Discount Card. With this card, one pays $888 and receives $1000 worth of vegetables and/or meat at our winter market stand, (a 12% savings.) How does this work? When you register for one of our winter discount cards, we will enter your card in our Market File Card box. Every time, you come to market and make whatever purchases you want, we will tally it on the back of your card and put it safely back in the box for the next time. At any market you can ask to see your card and check the remainder of your balance.

To sign up, download the registration form and mail it in with your payment. To download the form, available as a Microsoft Word document and a PDF, right-click on the link below and select "Save Link As..." (Windows users) or ctrl-click and select "Download Linked File As..." (Mac users).

DOC                 PDF
Wintershare2016.doc      Wintershare2016.pdf

Here is a sample share from early November 2011. What members get always varies somewhat, but this gives a general idea. Remember, this is not from a weekly distribution. It is from one of the bi-weekly ones.

1 lb brussel sprouts
1 winter squash (3-5lbs each)
2 lbs. sweet potatoes
2 lbs. onions
2 lbs potatoes (Red Norlands, Kennebec, Yukon golds)
4 leeks
4 lbs total: rutabagas, celeriac, turnips, daikon and watermelon radishes
3 lbs total: beets (red and golden) and carrots (orange, yellow and purple)
1 cabbage or 1 winter storage kohlrabi
1/2 lb spinach
1 lb broccoli
12 green leafy things (collards or kales)
1 head garlic