Full Moon Farm

Winter Shares Redefined!

This year Full Moon Farm is offering

a Totally New, Absolute Free-Choice Winter CSA.

So how will this winter share be different than others in the past? When you buy into the CSA this winter you will buy into three different size options. Similar to the regular CSA, you get a higher percentage bonus the more money you spend. However, the three main differences will be that:

(1.) You can collect your value at any of our three locations. (Temple Sinai, Full Moon Farm and the Burlington Winter Farmers Market at UVMs Davis Center. You can show up at any of these pick-ups without notifying us, no questions asked.

(2.) At each pick-up you can get any amount of any item. For example, if we have spinach, you can take ¼ lb, ½ lb, or 2lbs if you are cooking for company. Have a dietary restriction? With this type of free-choice share, you can avoid all the foods you cannot eat.

(3.) You can use your CSA Card for anything we have at our pick-ups or markets. This includes, vegetables, pork, chicken, eggs and prepared foods.

The wintershare is normally a share of the harvest from our farm, distributed to you over the fall and winter months. In the past, we have decided roughly how much of any crop you got when. Many of the crops are crops we distribute, have already been harvested and processed for long-term storage. However, some are still in the field (broccoli, kale, collards, leeks, and spinach) getting sweeter and sweeter while they wait for us to harvest them. Still other more-sensitive crops (fresh greens, chard and spinach,) are grown in protective high tunnels for harvesting during the cold winter months. If you like good tasting, fresh, local food and a good deal, you should consider purchasing one. At this point in the season we generally know how most of our crops fared or are faring..... and this year was a tough year for farmers. Fortunately we fared pretty well after the rains stopped and the only crop we really won't have much of at all are brussel sprouts. Although we will miss them, there is still plenty of everything else to go around! WARNING! You must cook or at least be open to the idea of it. If you don't cook, juice or love raw vegetables, this share may not work for you. But if you love to feed your family and friends steaming hot dishes of deliciousness, then a wintershare may be right for you.

In the winter of 2017-2018 Full Moon Farm will be offering access to our winter shares at three different locations: Temple Sinai in South Burlington, Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg and the Burlington Winter Farmers' Market at UVM's Davis Center. Pick-ups will be approximately bi-weekly from the end of October through the middle of December, and then once/month for January, February and March.

All winter share non-market pick-ups are from 4PM -6:30PM. Possible pick-up dates are as follows:

At Temple Sinai (Swift and Dorset)in S. Burlington:

Wednesdays Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 15, Nov 29, Dec 13.

At Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg, pick ups will be on:

Thursdays Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec. 14, Jan 18, Feb 15 and March 15th.

Burlington Farmers Market Dates are as follows:

Saturdays, October 21st and 28th, (these last two summer markets are from 8:30 - 2PM) Nov 18, Dec 9, Dec 16, Jan 13, Jan 27, Feb 10, Feb 24, Mar 10, Mar 24, April 7, and April 21. Hours of the Winter Market have been 10Am -2PM in the past. I think they will be the same.

What Can I expect to get in my Winter Share?

Again, the new free-choice CSA offers unlimited choice. We can tell you what will be available at most pick-ups and you get to choose what, and how much of that you want. Here is what we know we will have at various times throughout the season: kales,(red, green and lacinato,) collards greens, spinach, lettuce mix, spicy mix, arugula, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, leeks, winter squashes, garlic, carrots, (orange and purple,) beets, (red and gold,) cabbages, (green, red and napa,) radishes, (nero tondo, daikon and watermelon,) turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, celeriac. For the first pick-up or two, we should still also have: broccoli, herbs, tomatillos, fennel, eggplant, and colored peppers. Once the field crops have frozen for good, we should still have lettuce mix, arugula and spinach in the high tunnels for most of the winter.

Please note that the new free-choice winter CSA also differs from the summer share in that our pick-ups are less frequent and they are indoors! We're tough but the vegetables are not. We cannot risk them freezing so we go inside for the whole season. As always, we are there at pick-ups to chat, listen, offer ideas and take suggestions.

To sign up, download the registration form and mail it in with your payment. To download the form, available as a Microsoft Word document and a PDF, right-click on the link below and select "Save Link As..." (Windows users) or ctrl-click and select "Download Linked File As..." (Mac users).

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