Full Moon Farm

About Full Moon Farm


Full Moon Farm Inc. is a VOF-certified, successful, organic farm, run by us, the husband and wife team of David Zuckerman and Rachel Nevitt. Located in Hinesburg, Vermont, we grow 25 acres of diversified organic vegetables and raise certified organic pigs (if no qualified, certified facility is available to slaughter them, we lose our certification and that pork will not be labeled as 'Certified,') and chickens which we sell through our CSA and the Burlington Farmers Markets.

David started Full Moon in Burlington's Intervale in 1999, shortly before meeting me, his farming-loving, future wife, Rachel. At the time, David had realized the opportunities that farming in the Intervale could offer a start-up, or 'incubator' farm. As usual, his business sense served him well. Corn Over the years, we have realized the many gifts farming in the Intervale has provided us with: rich, fertile soil, a long growing season, access to expensive equipment, proximity to markets, community of farmers/friends, etc. We also have realized the drawbacks: flooding, limitations of leasing land from an ever-changing organization, flooding, competition from a non-profit that claims to be helping its farmers, flooding, proximity to people and vandalism, flooding. Thus, we have had our eye out for land to move our farm to for many years.

Finding land is never easy. Finding land that is suitable for organic, vegetable and meat production, with a proximity to markets, that is affordable in Chittenden County, is just about impossible. All the same, we couldn't stop looking, hoping and dreaming for that perfect piece of land to present itself Flowers to us. Finally, with the help of The Vermont Land Trust, the Hinesburg Land Trust, the Trust for Public Land and the Castanea Foundation, Full Moon Farm, has been able to purchase a stunning 155 acre farm in Hinesburg, Vt.

It's a bit daunting to go from managing 15 to 155 acres overnight, to buy lots of expensive equipment and infrastructure, to go into serious debt during an economic recession, and to plant seeds and seedlings into unknown soils. But with more than 30 collective years of organic farming experience under our Working in the fields belts, we are confident this is the right move for us and that we will be able to deliver the excellent quantities and quality of produce that Full Moon Farm members have come to expect over the years.

We have many dreams for our new land: fruit trees, pastured poultry, laying hens, pigs, grass-fed beef, raspberries, strawberries, a couple of dairy cows, sheep, etc. We shall see what time and our new land allow us to actually accomplish. Now in our eleventh year, we are still primarily an organic vegetable CSA farm. Since we seem to have a need to get into trouble, we started raising poultry and a few pigs in 2009. The cows however, will still have to wait.