Full Moon Farm

Why Can't We Claim ALL our Pork is Organic?

We have always raised our pork according to organic standards. However, part of the organic certification relies upon the organic producer to bring their animal to a certified slaughterhouse. If adequate slaughterhouses are not always available, we lose our certification and can't even claim to be organic or use organic standards. If you see the organic label on our pork, it means that pork when to a certified slaughterhouse. If you don't see the label, it means it didn't. All of our pork is raised the same way.

Why care about certification? WE are now asking ourselves the same question. Since we spend the time and money raising our pigs by organic standards, yet can't be certified because of the lack of acceptable slaughterhouses...since NOFAVT does little to distinguish between conventional and organic local farms ....and since the NOP has lessened organic standards to allow mega-conventional farms to receive certification, What's the point anymore?

How does the way we raise our pigs keep Vermont's waterways healthy? Almost all pigs are fed grain in addition to their pastured diet. If the grain is not certified organic, it is most likely GMO. Even if it is not GMO, it is still treated with conventional fertilizers, pesticides and/or herbicides. These toxic supplements eventually wash into Vermont's waterways and create havoc.

What does 'pastured' mean? 'Pastured' means an animal is raised on pasture. It does not mean that the animal eats only pasture. Since pigs are non-ruminants, their diet must be substantially supplemented.

Our pork is GMO free! At Full Moon Farm, we feed our pigs plenty of our organic vegetables. They love sweet potatoes, corn and melons ... just like most of us do! The organic, GMO-free grain we feed them supplements their diet of vegetables, roots, and pasture. If you are eating pork that is pastured, but not certified, you are most likely eating pork that is also fed GMO grain in large quantities. If you want to avoid GMO's, you will also need to avoid the animals that eat GMO's.

In addition to our organic vegetables, our pigs are fed certified organic whey! Champlain Valley Creamery is nice enough to let us dispose of their excess whey from their organic cheesemaking by feeding it to our very thankful pigs. To learn more about their cheese Click here.

Our pork is available at our CSA pick-ups and at the Burlington summer and winter Farmers Markets. You do not need to be a member of our farm purchase our meat. For more information about individual pork cut prices, click here