Full Moon Farm

Pick-up Information & Directions

Full Moon Farm offers summer pick-ups at three convenient locations: Temple Sinai, on the corner of Swift and Dorset in South Burlington, Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg, just off 116, and One Main St on the waterfront in Burlington.

Many farms offer convenience by dropping off pre-packed, boxed-shares at convenient locations, but few offer the full service pick-up that Full Moon Farm can. Because we or our staff are present at every pick-up, our farm has a face. And our faces have answers to your questions and are available to help making choices (yes, we have some choices!) Unlike most farms, we set our stand up like a farmers market and allow you to see all of our offerings. Our food is picked that day or the day before before so it's superbly fresh.

Being a member of our farm does come with a down side: our pick-ups have set hours. We cannot serve you before or after those hours, even if we are there. We do this to ensure the integrity of our product and our lives. Please respect that after hours, we are either setting up or breaking down to go home after a very long day. Don't worry, should you miss your pick-up, you can always retrieve it at the farm later. Although this might seem like a hassle, your food will have been kept in the cooler at the farm and not out on hot pavement in a box, in the sun, overnight.

Pick-up locations and directions:

Temple Sinai:

At the Corner of Swift and Dorset in South Burlington.

Wednesdaysdays (4:00-6:30pm)

Full Moon Farm

2083 Gilman Rd, Hinesburg, Vt.

Thursdays (4:00-6:30pm):

  • From Hinesburg and points north: Follow route 116 south. Approximately 2 miles south of Hinesburg is the Cedar Knoll Golf Course. The golf course follows a long, skinny swath along route 116. Just after the golf course ends, take a right (directly across from a Hines Barngiant white house with the old covered carriage pull-up,) onto Hines Rd. *Follow Hines Rd until it runs into Gilman. Our giant, shingled barn is at the intersection. Go left onto Gilman. Pick-up is at our big, red barn, about a quarter of a mile up on the left.

  • From Huntington: Take the Hollow Rd. towards Hinesburg. At the end, go right onto 116. Take your first left onto Hines Rd. Follow directions from * above.

  • From Starksboro, Bristol and points south: Follow 116 north. Approximately 1/2 mile after the intersection with the Hinesburg Hollow Rd on your right, go left onto Hines Rd. Follow directions from * above.
  • One Main Street Landing:

  • We will no longer be hosting a CSA pick-up at this location. We are very sorry to cause any inconvenience. However, we will be offering an absolute free-choice CSA-type Market Card at the Burlington Farmers' Market on Saturdays. To learn more about that option, or to register for it Click Here.
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