Full Moon Farm

Farm Events

Unfortunately, due to Farmer Rachel's health challenges, we are uncertain what we will be able to offer for special events in 2017. Please visit this page regularly for updates. We hope Farmer Rachel will be up and running at somewhat normal speed at some point in time again.

Organic Pork Sale and Tasting!

2 - 5PM, Rain or Shine!

Join us for a pork tasting and sale. Free and open to everyone, member or not. If you have been wanting to try our pork or stock up on some cuts, now is the time. All uncured pork products will be 20% off, with some cuts being as much as 40% off! Bacon and ham will also be available for purchase and sampling but will not be discounted. We will also have the last of our winter high-tunnel spinach, baby kale and mesclun mix. Come get a taste of spring as well as some pork cuts for when the grilling gets good! This event will be held, rain or shine.Come sample our organic, GMO-free pork products. Come meet the farmers and learn more about our CSA, our summer camps and our commitment to organic, GMO-free production!

Be All That You Can Be Days: (aka Member Workdays!)
Every Thursday from May - October.

Free and open to anyone. Feel free to show up unannounced but an email or phone call is appreciated.

Come help out on the farm for the morning, or the afternoon. Participate in whatever it is we are doing that day: hand-weeding, hoeing, transplanting, harvesting, etc. Wear clothes that can and will get dirty. Bring a snack and a water bottle. Please be sure that hands are free of perfumes, lotions, make-up, and especially cigarette residue. Tobacco can carry TMV, a virus that once spread to a soil, is hard to get rid of. It can be harmful to all nightshades: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant.

Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins, Bouquets and Sweet Potatoes:
No date in 2013


$10 for unlimited flower picking. Jack Pumpkins: first one free, additional $5-$10 each)BYOP (Bring YOur Own Picnic) No pre-registration is required. Members only.

Come visit the farm during peak pumpkin season. Flowers are not at their peak But we have zinnias, bachelors buttons, a few sunflowers and cosmos, salvia, amaranth, celosia and more.

Pig and No-Pig Roast:
1 - 5 pm. (In case of seriously inclement weather this event will be postponed until Sunday, Nov 1.)

Eating fresh corn

$20 for adults; $0 for kids under 5; kids 5 and up: $1 for each year of their life. No pre-registration is required this year. We're cooking the pig. Just show up.

Whether you eat meat (like farmer Dave) or only our meat (like farmer Rachel,) or no meat at all, come join us for an after-the-fall-foliage Sunday afternoon. We will roast one of our pigs. Farmer Rachel will make non GMO cornbread, vegetarian baked beans, roasted root vegetables and her famous pumpkin pie, all certified organic from our farm. Pie crusts will be made either with organic vegetable shortening (for the vegans and vegetarians,) or rendered lard from our own pigs for those who know how flakey and tasty a lard-crust can be. Spend some down-time with fellow community members and farmers, eat good food and rejoice. It might be cold; it might rain; it might shine. Who knows? But this event is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart!