Full Moon Farm



Q. What happens when/if I miss pick-up?

A. Nothing happens. In a traditional CSA you would miss out on your share. In our new model, you can try to make any other pick-up that week to get your food. But the fact remains that if you don't come get any food, your credit will remain untouched until you do come get some food.

Q. Can I visit the farm? And when?

A. Yes, definitely! However, because we are generally working, we ask that folks don’t just ‘stop by’ the farm for a visit. Please visit our “EVENTS” page to see when a good scheduled time to visit would be.

Q. Can I be a working member?

A. Yes. We are looking for Membor Ambassadors to help out at CSA pick-ups or markets. Please contact us if you might be interested and we can discuss options to see if it could work.

Q. Do I need to finish up my credit before the end of the season?

A. Yes. Try to make the best guess you can for a share size in the beginning. However, if for some reason you can't use up your whole share, we will let you carry 10% forward to the winter season and the rest will be donated to our Buy Food Not Crap Program.

Q. What happens if I use up all my credit before the end of the season?

A. If you finish up a share before the end of the season, you have three options. The first is to buy any amount of additional value. It does not have to equal the cost of any share. You can buy in $100, $150, $300 whatever. If you buy in more value, you get your original bonus value. In the case of a medium share, it would be 10.5%. ie) $150 would become $165.75. Your second option is to pay as you go. In that case you wouldn’t get extra value, you would just be paying our regular prices.Your final option is jsut to be done for the season but we wouldn't recommend that!

Q. Can I switch my pick-up day if I know, in advance that I will be unable to make it?

A. With our new system, members don't really have pick-up day. It is helpful for us to know which day/location might be your ususal one. But members can come to any location any week. And no, you don't have to tell us.

Q. Do I have to notify you if someone else will be picking up my food for me?

A. Not if that person is listed on your registration form. However, if they are not listed, please email us or call if it's last-minute, so that we can approve of the purchase.

Q. Can I come to more than 1 pick-up in a week?

A. Yes! If you eat all your snap peas or cherry tomatoes (or anything else,) on the drive home, you are more than welcome to come to the next pick-up and get more!

Q. I am not sure I can eat a whole share. Can I split a share with someone?

A. With our new system, most folks will not need to split a share. However, if you think that will work best for you, please do it and just make sure share partners are all listed on the registration form.

Q. How many people does a share typically feed?

A. There is no magic formula in deciding which size share is right for you. In general, a family of two (or with two small children) who don’t eat veggies at every meal would probably do well with a small. However, a vegetarian family of two who devour veggies with a passion could eat a large share every week. Please peruse the sample shares and if you need help, give us a call.